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Regions in Laos

Laos is made up of 17 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Laos. Information on all primary administrative regions in Laos.

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Primary administrative regions in Laos

There are 17 regions in Laos in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Laos
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Vientiane Vientiane Prefecture1.698,254Vientiane Vientiane196,731
Champasak Champasak2.575,600Pakxe Pakxé88,332
Savannahkhet Khouèng Savannakhét3.769,177Savannakhet Savannakhét66,553
Louangphabang Luang Prabang Province4.407,012Luang Prabang Luang Prabang47,378
Houaphan Houaphan5.286,383Xam Nua Xam Nua38,992
Xiangkhoang Xiangkhouang6.37,507Muang Phonsavan Muang Phônsavan37,507
Khammouan Khammouan7.358,800Thakhek Thakhèk26,200
Oudomxai Khouèng Oudômxai8.275,300Muang Xay Muang Xay25,000
Bolikhamsai Province Bolikhamxai9.214,900Muang Pakxan Muang Pakxan21,967
Phongsali Khouèng Phôngsali10.199,900Phongsali Phôngsali13,500
Xiagnabouli Xaignabouli11.382,200Sainyabuli Sainyabuli13,500
Bokeo Province Khouèng Bokèo12.149,700Ban Houayxay Ban Houayxay12,500
Vientiane Vientiane Province13.388,833Muang Phon-Hong Muang Phôn-Hông10,112
Salavan Salavan14.336,600Salavan Salavan5,521
Xekong Khouèng Xékong15.83,600Lamam Lamam4,463
Attapu Attapu16.114,300Attapu Attapu4,297
Loungnamtha Louangnamtha17.150,100Louang Namtha Louang Namtha3,225