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Distances from Vientiane

Distances from Vientiane to the largest cities and places in Laos. Have a closer look at the distances from Vientiane to the largest places in Laos.

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Distances from Vientiane to the largest places in Laos
Muang Phon-Hong Muang Phôn-Hông1.10,11262 km 39 mishow
Vangviang Vangviang2.25,000108 km 67 mishow
Muang Pakxan Muang Pakxan3.21,967121 km 75 mishow
Sainyabuli Sainyabuli4.13,500172 km 107 mishow
Ban Nahin Ban Nahin5.3,466173 km 108 mishow
Phonsavan Phonsavan6.37,507177 km 110 mishow
Muang Phonsavan Muang Phônsavan7.37,507178 km 110 mishow
Luang Prabang Luang Prabang8.47,378219 km 136 mishow
Thakhek Thakhèk9.26,200245 km 152 mishow
Muang Pakbeng Muang Pakbèng10.500264 km 164 mishow
Savannakhet Savannakhét11.66,553277 km 172 mishow
Muang Xay Muang Xay12.25,000310 km 193 mishow
Xam Nua Xam Nua13.38,992312 km 194 mishow
Ban Houakhoua Ban Houakhoua14.15,500340 km 211 mishow
Ban Houayxay Ban Houayxay15.12,500345 km 214 mishow
Louang Namtha Louang Namtha16.3,225355 km 221 mishow
Phongsali Phôngsali17.13,500417 km 259 mishow
Pakxe Pakxé18.88,332466 km 289 mishow
Tad Lo Tad Lo19.150475 km 295 mishow
Salavan Salavan20.5,521478 km 297 mishow
Champasak Champasak21.12,994490 km 304 mishow
Thateng Thatèng22.1,500492 km 306 mishow
Pakxong Pakxong23.5,000496 km 308 mishow
Lamam Lamam24.4,463521 km 324 mishow
Khong Không25.15,000552 km 343 mishow
Don Det Tok Don Det Tok26.404568 km 353 mishow
Attapu Attapu27.4,297573 km 356 mishow

1 - 27 of 27 places